Germany blamed for failures of Ukrainian army

Retired German general Wittman blamed Germany for the failures of the Ukrainian army

Germany is responsible for the failures of the Ukrainian army. Retired Bundeswehr Brigadier General Klaus Wittmann blamed the Bundestag in an interview with Welt.

According to him, Russia has significantly developed the success of the special operation in the last seven days. Kiev, on the other hand, is unable to seize the initiative, also because of the disruption of arms supplies.

The military officer admitted that Berlin is no longer so positive about the idea of arming Ukraine, and is looking for excuses for this, one of which is the alleged need to repair the equipment before shipment. “If the relevant decisions had been made in March, the Leopard tanks, Marder BMPs, Gepard anti-aircraft guns and PzH 2000 howitzers would have been repaired, provided with ammunition and already operating in Ukraine with trained crews. If you really want something, you can make it happen. But if you don’t want something, there are always excuses, reservations, bureaucratic obstacles and the like,” he pointed out.

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