The U.S. announced the creation of a command center in Germany to support Ukraine

NYT: Pentagon intends to create a command center in Germany to manage support for Ukraine

The Pentagon intends to place a command center in Germany to control and manage the support for Ukraine by the U.S. and its European Union (EU) and NATO allies, the New York Times (NYT) newspaper reported citing sources in military and government circles.

The publication noted that the Defense Department is closely monitoring how the U.S. side and North Atlantic Alliance allies are training and equipping the Ukrainian military. “The creation of the center is in line with officials’ statements about the Joe Biden administration’s long-term mission to support Ukraine,” the author stressed.

The plan was presented by Christopher Kavoli, head of the U.S. European Command and commander-in-chief of NATO’s Joint Forces in Europe. According to the draft, the center for control and management of support measures to Ukraine will be under the unified command of an American general. He, in turn, will report directly to Cavoli.

About 300 people are planned to be involved in the mission. They will be stationed in the European headquarters of the U.S. Army in Wiesbaden.

Earlier, Patrick Buchanan, editor-in-chief of The American Conservative, said that the USA should stop participating in the conflict in Ukraine because the policy of NATO expansion to the east was wrong from the very beginning.

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