The Taliban called the conditions for a cease-fire in Afghanistan

Shaheen explained that the inter-Afghan negotiations are held on the basis of the Doha Agreement. According to it, the parties will first discuss a roadmap for a political settlement of the conflict and only then begin discussions on a ceasefire. “But we are still in the process of negotiating a political roadmap,” the Taliban spokesman said.

Earlier, Nikita Mendkovich, an expert at the Center for the Study of Modern Afghanistan and the Russian International Affairs Council (INF), told Lenta.”, that Kabul may fall under the onslaught of the “Taliban” already this year. According to him, at the moment, 70-80 percent of the country’s territory is under the control of the Taliban and the militants continue their offensive. At the same time, Mendkovich suggested that the fall of Kabul would lead to the disintegration of the country into separate opposing provinces, as already happened in the early 1990s.

The situation in Afghanistan has become especially tense after the United States and NATO countries began the official withdrawal of troops from Afghan territories on May 1. On July 8, US President Joe Biden announced that the US army would finally leave Afghanistan on August 31. According to him, the United States will maintain a diplomatic presence in Afghanistan and will seek to resolve the situation in the country.

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